Biomis HIS features
Electronic health record
Laboratories integration
Doctor and clinic's manager dashboard
Front desk workflow automation
Self-service for patients
Daily, monthly, quarterly and any custom reports
Employee and resources management
Cashier and finance management
In-clinic warehouse management

Biomis value

Pick the role and unlock the full potential
of Biomis Dental & HIS

Biomis Dental & Health Information System
to boost your business growth

Make data-driven decisions
Use statistics mode at Biomis HIS to plan the changes in business processes without the risk
Scale up your business
Whether you open a new branch of the clinic or employ a new staff - expanding the system is a few clicks away
Inspire your employees
Сonduct the motivational programmes for your employees and earn more profit
Rest assured about the privacy and sensitive data safety
The information about your patients and business itself is securely protected and can be stored on physical or cloud-based server in a hashed form
Ask us about anything
Our exceptionally good support is available 24/7. The team can visit your clinic to support you offline as well.
Biomis Dental & Health Information System
to harmonise the medical marketing
Collect marketing data in one click
Biomis HIS automated reports collection so you could easily measure your marketing campaigns
Customisable system
Adjust Biomis HIS to your needs:
  • create dashboards
  • design reports
  • automate data export and save more time
A new era of the client relations management
Create unique feedback forms and landing pages to convert website visitors to leads and engage patients.
Unlimited support
Our support is available 24/7. Biomis team can visit your clinic to support you offline.
Biomis Dental & Health Information System
to automate medical experts' routine
Fully-covered electronic health record
We optimised the EHR so you could care about the patient - Biomis HIS will care about the routine
Simplicity and stability
Highly responsible interface allows you to concentrate on the individual case of each patient
Salary increase
Plan the future appointments during the initial visit, create the individual treatment schedule to provide yourself a constant patiens' stream
Work as a team
Get access to your colleagues' schedules and treat your patients effectively
Customisable system
Adjust Biomis HIS to your needs: create an individual treatment plan and templates
Biomis Dental & Health Information System
to optimise the front desk workload
Balance multitasking
Biomis HIS will help you organise your working day in a single click
Manage the non-attendance rate
The automated missed appointments analytics, reminders, wait-lists will help you fill the doctor's time
Cash desk management
Open and close your shift without the paperwork
Error-free reports
The automated reporting allows you to devote your time to work with clients and organise a stable clinic workload
Empower your health clinic's workflow
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