Biomis Dental & Health Information System
is the first lean health information system
designed in accordance with P4 medicine principles

Biomis HIS analyses the health condition of every patient to detect the risk of disease
With Biomis HIS the doctor can plan the preventive program after revealing the risk of disease
it is essential to engage patients and their families in decision-making and prescriptions compliance process in order to recover effectively
Patient's genome can help health professionals design the most effective treatment scheme in order to avoid side effects of the treatment and make the therapy flow smoothly
Our values
Care. Openness. Constructiveness. Long-term vision.

Our mission is to transform the healthcare ecosystem through patient engagement, maximising return for commercial clinics and reducing healthcare cost of the state health systems.
Our team
Anatoly Zabelin
Founder and CEO
Constructiveness maximisation agent.
Born and raised in Eastern Siberia. Left Politics, Philosophy and Economics course during 2nd year at University of Exeter, UK, in order to start working on Biomis. Co-founded online insurance platform Bizon, which later transformed into B2B micro-finance service Origo, which currently successfully operates under Ruyan Corp. in Russia.
Alexey Shkadov
Alexey is an architect of Biomis with 9 years of experience in CRM design and electronic workload implementation.
Aleksandra Mitroshkina
Head of marketing
Alexandra is Biomis marketer with 8 years experience in marketing & business development in IT and FMCG areas.
Denis Kovalski
Denis is writing a code for Biomis
Vitaly Prischepa
Coffee-addicted code writer
Contact us
Phone or email
8 (812) 363-09-77
Official address
21 Bolshaya Zelenina str.,
office 67C
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Office address
3-5 Bolshaya Morskaya str., office 405
Lidval Business Centre

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