Biomis - a cloud-based
Dental & Health
Information System

for dental practices revenue maximization and patients' quality of life improvement through patient engagement

Enhance the patient flow
Simplify the workflow
Strengthen patients' loyalty
Dental & Health
Optimise clinic's resources
Make data-driven decisions
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An All-Inclusive service
Whatever subscription period you choose,
you get a 100% of Biomis value:
Electronic health record
Doctor and clinic's manager dashboard
Laboratories integration
Cashier and finance management
Front desk workflow automation
In-clinic warehouse management
24/7 dedicated support
New functions' updates in real time
Empower your health clinic's workflow
Contact us and let our team guide you
through Biomis' friendly interface
Step 1: Put the number of employees working with patients at your clinic:
Step 2: Pick the subscription period. Discounts apply:
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Biomis HIS is designed in accordance
with the top industry standards

Questions about Biomis HIS

What does the clinic need in order to start working with Biomis HIS?
All you need is a computer with the Internet connection. No servers and software costs. Biomis HIS training and 24/7 support is included into your subscription.
How can we move from current HIS to Biomis HIS?
We will arrange data transfer and personnel training. Learn more from your Biomis HIS manager.
Why Biomis HIS is a cloud-based service?
Biomis HIS service made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers as opposed to being provided from a company's own on-premises servers.
    Do you have a test-drive?
    Sure thing! All clients can use Biomis HIS for free for 1 month right after the contract sighing. However, we recommend to go through the service during the onboarding in order to get maximum from the trial period. Request a free demo to learn more.
    what are the subscription possibilities for biomis his?
    Biomis HIS is a SaaS service. The subscription cost depends on the period you pick. Discounts apply when paying for 6 and 12 months in advance. Ask your Biomis manager for the personal quote.
    We hired a new employee. How can we add him/Her on Biomis HIS?
    Easily! Add your new colleague and discuss the new subscription plan with your Biomis HIS manager.
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